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Whether you’re new to the faith or began following Jesus many years ago, there’s a next step in your journey to wholeness, and we want to help!

The Chattahoochee Valley area is home to many outstanding churches, and we encourage those churches to stand as one body and work together to build God’s Kingdom, not our own. However, within that Kingdom, CCC has a distinct calling and vision, and that’s what our introductory Getting Started class is all about. Attendees will learn about our birth and early history, our Free Methodist connection, our leadership and organizational structure, our mission and vision, frequently asked questions, and much more.
The path to wholeness is a life-long journey with many twists and turns; however, we are passionate about awakening the broken in our community to a life of wholeness found in Jesus. "You can’t be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature." - (Pete Scazerro) Emotionally Health Spirituality and Emotionally Healthy Relationship courses are designed to help with your journey in both healthy personal relationships with God and others. 
We are about placing people in areas of ministry where they are most gifted to serve, rather than simply “filling holes” in our ministries. This course is designed to help you figure out the unique role or roles God has called you to in our church body and community.  Click below for the next available class!

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